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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mercury Drug Store Nagtahan: Poor customer service

"Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase"

All I can say that the customer service of Mercury Drug Store Nagtahan branch was worst especially to those customer who have only credit or debit card as their payment.

Here's what happened, on the 26th of this month (11/26/2013), me and my friend went to Mercury Drug Nagtahan to buy some food because we are just going to do some foodtripping, I did not have any cash in handy that time so what I'll do is charge it to my card instead.

So we're at the counter to pay the stuff and told the lady at the cashier that I'm going to pay it using my card, so what she did was asked their staff to get the swiper at the other counter in order that they'll charge the card. Ok, that's fine; then suddenly she grabbed the other stuff that my friend is purchasing and out of nowhere she charge all the things that I and my friend bought in one transaction; hold on there, I told the lady that the purchase is separate because I'm using a card. You know what she did? She did nothing, she reasoned out that "Naisama ko na siya — I included them already", that kind of reason is kinda BS! And worst is that she did not void it. WTF was that?! Really?!

Instead of paying a small amount on the things that my friend bought, he needs to shell out more to the transaction on that time because my friend is paying cash, good thing that my friend brought an extra that time. Of course at the end I pay my friend for the things that I bought. Nice solution there that lady in mind, geesh!

Question here is that are those employee at Mercury Drug Nagtahan are trained to handle customers who are using cards instead of cash? If not, kinda incompetent on their end. And how the management included those kind of people to their payroll.

There is a Filipino phrase commonly used to those kind of scenario; "Para-paraan din ang mga empleyado niyo rin noh!".

Also this is not the first time that I've experience this kind of treatment on that branch, this is the 2nd time — using a credit card that time.

I definitely not recommend this branch, really; especially to those customers who will pay using debit or credit card; poor customer service and incompetent employee.

Like I said, this the only branch that I've experience that kind of treatment, because on their other branches (Sta. Mesa, Broadway, Starmall, & Otigas Galleria) I did not experience that.

I'm not asking for anything after this, any kind of resolution, just venting out my frustration.

That will depend on the management what they will do after this.

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